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Take one Russian made Sidecar, add a couple of Australian customisers and this is what you get.

It all started when Destino Custom Garage and Ural Motorcycles (Aust) got together and decided to do something different. It began as a bit of fun, the original intention was to create a theme bike based on an old Russian Warbird fighter plane, but as things started to progress, they decided to create something with a little more universal appeal.

"I love the old style boxer engine", says Nikki, Designer at Destino Custom Garage. Jimmy adds, "I'm not sure if this qualifies as a cafe racer, but that was the style that we wanted to create. A cafe racer with a sidecar..... A cool looking sidecar".

Some of the modifications include:

Redesigned instrument panel with mini warning lights

Reproduction, English "Smiths" speedometer

High street bars

Cafe racer seat and cowl

Re-upholstered sidecar

Smaller indicators and stop light

'hot rod' style louvers in bootlid

Removal of sidecar lights, welding in holes, shorten guard

Two tone paintwork featuring a cool Candy paint

 Whilst the Ural's facelift is mostly co

smetic, Jimmy Says that "sometimes the simplest bike

s are the nicest ones". The Ural sidecar outfits are renowned for their rugged adventure capabilities, "we wanted to create something more Urban, for the city dwellers" says Nikki.

FOR SALE : $17,500

The Ural 'Destino Edition' 

CONTACT :  Jimmy B and Nik on 0411 78 48 48 for more information, or to arrange a test ride.

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Click image to view the full gallery of the Custom Ural Sidecar


View the full gallery of the Ural Custom Sidear


View the full gallery of the Custom Ural Sidecar

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