Kawasaki Ninja 250 BEFORE

Kawasaki Ninja 250 AFTER

Kawasaki Ninja 250 Café Racer - Suitable for GPX-250R

The coolest bike project in town! With our newest Cafe Racer Kit to hit the streets you'll have a cool old school ride for at a great cost point!

What bike model does our Cafe Racer Kit Suit?  1988 - 2007 Kawasaki Ninja GPX-250R.

There are tons of these for sale and they will be cheap to buy. In Australia you can pick one up for around 2500 - $3500 with low kms.   In 2008 Kawasaki gave them a face lift which makes the older bikes even cheaper!  You'll have fun finding the perfect donor bike.  The conversion of your Kawasaki  GPX 250R into a cool Cafe Racer simple & great fun too! The kit comes complete and with simple to follow DVD to guide you through the entire process. It will only take a few days to complete your "dream machine!"

What Our Video of our Kawasaki Cafe Racer

Got questions after you have read through the parts & installation below.. check out our awesome FAQ'S page. Find out more information on ordering, selecting parts, seat colours & styles, ordering, freigh and much more on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Why a the Kawasaki Ninja 250?

These are Kawasaki's number one selling bikes.  They are perfect for newer riders and seasoned riders too.  They are super light weight and extremely easy to ride.  They are "smooth as silk" with the high revving motor and long travel suspensions.  The six speed transmission and front and rear disc brakes make them very safe. 

Start with a clean, lower mileage bike and this will be your best friend for many years.  They are very high quality and built to last. 

Do the 250's Have Enough Power?

The original "Cafe" bikes from the 50's and 60's weren't bikes to travel long distance on.. the truth is they were to literally cafe hop. Your 250 will be just fine for getting you around town while looking ultra cool.


Riding Your New 250 Cafe:

Many thousands of hours have gone into designing this bike to be 'fun and practical'.  The riding position is perfect (rider only, sorry no passengers).  Cafe Racer stance, but not too aggressive.   The 250 Ninjas were designed as "comfortable" sport bikes. 

The real leather seats look great and your bottom will love the 2 inches of top quality foam. The  instrument panel retains all the factory gauges and they are right there for you to enjoy.  The cool bar-end mirrors have great visibility.  We retain the stock handle bars and foot pegs.  What a fun bike to ride and own!


Making sure your new purchase is ready to add its kit:

Ok, you have found a  nice 1988-2007 Kawasaki Ninja GPX 250r.  Before you begin, make sure the bike runs great and starts right up.  The most common problem with any used bike is gummed up carburetors.  After you have finished your conversion you will want to ride.  Make sure all repairs are done before you begin.  Also, make sure you turn off your fuel petcock and run the fuel out before letting the bike sit for any length of time (even 1-2 weeks).  Today's fuels TARNISH EASILY.

What does the kit include?


  1. All brackets are either steel or aluminum and powder coated gloss black.
  2. The front and rear fenders and side trim pieces are formed from thick aluminum and powder coated with a grey primer.
  3. The gauge housing is all CNC machined and ready to fit your stock instruments. Included is a new speedometer cable.
  4. Simple cutting process to remove the passenger seat area ( the saw and precise cutting guides all included) the new seat posts epoxied into place.  "3 Hour" epoxy included. Note there is NO welding and you will drill two holes and safety bolt the new heavily gusseted seat brackets into place. The dvd will show the easy process.
  5. The black side covers are easily removable with thumb screws.
  6. The lighting is totally complete and includes everything. Huge 7 1/2" Tri-bar halogen headlight, four fantastic black nickel double filament signal lights, and super bright LED tail/brake light and separate LED license plate light. The crimping tool for electrics is included.
  7. The Seat- 12 gauge steel pan, covered with 2 inch "top quality" foam. We use thick chap leather and you can choose from either black or natural color. The seat removes with one thumb screw for fast access to your battery compartment.
  8. Cafe Racer Front Tyre  120/80-16 Shinko. The stock tire is too small for a vintage racer look.
  9. To make the project come together easily we provide 4 installation dvd's.
  10. Check your local laws as to the license bracket. Some areas don't allow the vertical license mount.
  11. You can choose between the vertical side mount or horizontal tail mount brackets.


Cafe Racer Walk-Around from our friends at BCB

Here's the Process:

  1. Remove all the plastic panels, stock seat, lighting, instrument panel and gas tank.
  2. Cut the rear passenger seat portion off the bike.  Saw and bolt on cutting fixtures included to guarantee accurate cuts.
  3. In the detail pictures below you will see the new 'seat bracket'.  It slides into your cut tubes and epoxy (also included) into place.  24 hours later you will drill 2 holes (we include the drill bit) that will also bolt the new seat brackets into position. 
  4. Now you are ready to begin bolting everything into place.  All the new brackets and covers are powder coated a beautiful gloss black.  The instruments will be removed from the ugly stock cluster and installed into your new CNC machined housing.  We include an 7 1/2" diameter Tri-bar halogen monster headlight and high quality black nickel signal lights.  They can be connected with either running and flashers or just flashers (depending on the laws in your country).  The tail light and license plate light are very bright LED's.  We include all the connectors, shrink tubing and even a crimping tool.  Electrical stuff scares people.  Our dvd will make it easy and fun!
  5. Our Cafe rear fender hump, front fender and deco side strips are all made from thick aluminum.  They are powder coated with a grey primer and ready to paint.
  6. We even include a 120/80-16 front tire for your Cafe Racer.  The stock front tire is too small and doesn't give a vintage look.
  7. Seat -  12 gauge steel base and the 2" of foam under the plush leather.
  8. We also include a new cable to use with your stock speedometer.  This way the bike's true mileage is retained.

This Complete Cafe Racer Kit Price: $1590 + Import duty as the order is over $1000.

Why Do We Have to Pay Tax/ Import Duty?

If your bobber kit or parts order comes to $1000 or more ( including freight) you will be required by the Australian government to pay a10% duty on arrival.  Think of this import duty as gst on goods that come into the country. You can elect to pay this at the shopping cart stage before it is shipped from Blue Collar Warehouse or if you dont, You'll receive a notice and easy instructions on payment so customs will release the goods quickly. 

These are our most complete kits ever.  The kit comes in  2 large boxes to ship. Allow aproximately $300+ for shipping worldwide +10% duty upon arrival into the country. You can also elect to pay the duty via Blue Collar Bobbers at the time of ordering rather than waiting til it comes in to the country.

You can get an accurate shipping price when you add the kit to the shopping cart and add your address to the billing field.

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