Choosing your first learner motorcycle can be a daunting prospect. So many opinions, so many reviews. How do you cut through all of the hype and choose one that will suit you. 
Jimmy B shares his top 5 hints for choosing your first learner bike. 
1. Decide on the sort of riding you would like to do. You may like a bike for communting to work, long touring rides, short fun rides around town, adventure and off road riding. Sometimes, you just dont know yet because you have not had the chance to ride before. The sort of riding you like will play a big part in selecting your first learner motorcycle. 
2. Do your research and dont be afraid to ask questions. When you are starting out, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you are not sure, then ask!
3. Dont buy a particular bike just to fit in. My first bike was a sports bike because all my friends had them, and it turned out that I loved long distance touring. So it was the wrong choice, because it was very uncomfortable and did not compliment my riding style. But i loved a bike that handled well. So I ended up on a triumph Sprint, a sports touring bike. Comfortable enough to do long rides, but sporty enough to have fun on the twisty roads! The moral of the story, buy a bike that suits you, not your mates!
4. Always buy quality. Choose a reputable, well established brand that offers outstanding after sales service. Sometimes things go wrong with your bike, you want to know that there will be someone to support your products and provide parts for the life of the bike. Buy the best that you can afford. Sometimes a good used bike like a Yamaha will be a better choice than a cheap chinese import. 
5. Make a shortlist, and ride before you buy. Use the LAMS list (learner approved motorcycle list, see below) Lets say you have decided on a cruiser. Make a list of all the learner approved cruisers that you like, then visit your local dealers and ride them. Or at least sit on them and see how they feel. Some bikes are not designed for heavy riders, some will not be suitable for short riders etc etc.

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